Think different. Think Stutterhouse.

Stutterhouse records was founded by music production duo Kevin "DEF" Umebolu and Taaya "Conscious" Shangula in 2010. We pride ourselves in working with musicians who are true to the art, in a wide range of genres including RnB, pop, Hip-Hop etc. On our roaster, we have a unique range of producers, artists and sub-labels such as Conscious T, SuCity Entertainment and Lanrenchi.


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Kevin "DEF" Umebolu

Music Production/Distribution

Fav: NI Maschine, Logic Studio 

"The Old Grey Whistle Test"



Catchy riffs, lush harmonies and experimental drums, define the creative style of DEF. He is known for having a profound way of manipulating notes, that leaves the mind of it's audience wondering in space. Having been involved in music production since the late 90’s, he has been responsible for various artists. His style of music can be summarised as " mainstream with soul".

DEF’s musical inspiration originates from influences such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to name a few. His style of production is energetic, lively and "soulful".

He has worked with up-coming acts such as Stain, Steven Licker, Stone, D-law and many others. In 2005, he teamed up with Stain and Steven Licker to form the group ‘Solo Tunes’(now So-Jamz) and produced the album, ‘Sounds Of Survival’.






Taaya “Conscious” Shangula
Music Producer, Song Writer, Artist

Fav: Reason, Logic Studio 

Conscious TConscious has always been in awe of artists who shed a light on what goes on in the world like Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Tupac Shakur etc. His alias “Conscious” represents his awareness towards world affairs, the past inclusive and his ambitions to help shape the future through music.

His production style can be very eclectic from slow beat hip-hop to more up-tempo urban music. Conscious is a self-taught lyricist with lyrics that can be edgy and inspirational without being vulgar.

He hopes to bring people together through music and change the views of what urban culture is and what it can be.

Watch Conscious in the studio producing "Cloud 9"!!